Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken

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→ Next batch of chicken will be 2019

Farm Direct Chickens (meat birds)

Our Chickens are free range unless the weather is bad, and then they are free run (by their choice):

Our birds are Fresh, Free Range.  No Medications.  No Antibiotics.  No Steroids. No Hormones.

We usually raise four batches per year and try for March, June, September and November.

They come as whole birds individually bagged.  They are generally picked up by the customer the day after processing.

$4.25/lb by the box
$4.45/lb less than a box


  • Pre-Order for FRESH chicken using our Order Form.
  • Purchase Frozen Product from our Farm Store (SOLD OUT)

Free Delivery to Victoria and Langford to set rendezvous spots at set times. (usually before noon on a weekday)

Please Join our MAILING LIST to be reminded to order early.

Most people order a month or two before the chickens are ready to go. We are generally sold out of fresh chicken weeks before they are processed.  Order early to avoid disappointment.

If you place an order you will receive it the day after processing–one day after the birds were alive. We communicate by email and let you know the pick-up date as soon as our processing date is confirmed.

The birds will be fresh, whole and individually bagged and ready for roasting or cutting up. Most customers order them by the box. There are generally 6 in a box.

This is not the order form, this is just for other questions you may want to ask us.

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Contact Us

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