Free Range Beef


Sides of Beef ($7.55/lb, on the rail.)

Ground Beef

All about our Beef

We deliver to the Victoria and Nanaimo area for free.

Our Beef is: 

  • pasture raised (free range),
  • No antibiotics
  • No growth hormones

Our beef is as healthy as you can get it.

$7.55/lb, on the rail. (includes cut and wrap from all areas of the cow)

At Cowichan Valley Farms, we sell our beef by the hanging weight – which is the weight of a side of beef, hanging in the butcher’s cooler after the head, feet and organs have been removed, but before it’s butchered into the usable cuts.

The yield after butchering the side is usually around 55-70% of the hanging weight. This varies because some cows have more fat and some cows are ‘bigger boned’.


1/4 of a cow is about 200 -230 lbs hung weight.  So the cost is about $1200-1300 dollars, somewhere in that range.

All our cows are processed at a Cowichan Valley, Provincial Class “A” facility.

Ordering options:

Whole Cow
A side for beef (1/2 cow)
Half a side (1/4 cow)

If you order a ‘side’ or ‘half a side’ you are getting cuts from the whole cow.  The butcher divvies up the cuts into 4 bins so that you are getting as much from the hind end as you are from the front end, no matter how much you order. You get the bones too, which your dogs will love.

We use a highly reputable butcher shop in the Cowichan Valley.



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alternative to commercialized and industrialized food.

Free range beef Cowichan Valley Farms