Cowichan Valley Farms

A Free Range, Pesticide Free Farm, and Proud of It

Our Mission
Committed to helping Vancouver Island have its own sustainable food source.
Offering the consumer an alternative to commercialized and industrialized food.

→ Beef – Pasture Raised

beef free range organic pasture raised beef

We are taking orders for sides of Beef.  Minimum order is 1/4 cow.

ORDER FORM and More Info

Free delivery to Victoria and Nanaimo area or Farm PU

NEW: Honey Store

Our Farm Store / Honey Store is located in our yellow farm house.
The Store Entrance is Clearly marked alongside the driveway.
There is lots of room for parking.
If the gate is open, we are OPEN
Assortment of Honey Flavours.
More info and Store Hours: MORE INFO

Ask about GIFT PACKS!

Cowichan Honey Store

→ Ground Beef

Taking Orders for the next batch in the fall:
Info and Order Form

→ Free Range Chicken 

Cowichan free range chicken

SOLD OUT  till 2021

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*Please note:  We no longer raise turkeys.

How to Order:

The Way We Work:

All chicken, beef and ground beef need to be pre-ordered using our order forms.

Honey is available year round in our farm store.  See our Honey page for the store hours, or just call us to see if we are there. 250-709-7339

More info regarding Pick up of chicken

The chicken we sell is Fresh Chicken, not previously frozen.  We will have a specific pick-up day when all customers will either come to the farm or meet us at one of two rendezvous spots in Langford and Victoria.  FREE DELIVERY to Victoria and Langford to those two spots.

We do not have a walk-in freezer so we can not hold orders for people, hence it is important to pick-up your order on the allotted day.

CHICKEN: The birds will be whole and individually bagged.  There are 5-7 in a box, depending on how many fit.

For Beef please use the order form and Jim will call you to discuss the delivery.  Most often we deliver the beef directly to your home.  Some Cowichan customers may come to the farm but we deliver for free to Victoria and Langford customers.  The beef will be frozen and the cuts will be individually wrapped.

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Happy & Ethically Raised Animals = Healthy Food

Our Farm is Free Range, No Antibiotics, No Hormones & Pesticide Free