Cowichan Valley Farms

Cowichan Valley Farms

A Free Range Farm, and Proud of It

Our Mission
Island Grown Food for Island Folks.
Committed to helping Vancouver Island have its own sustainable food source.
Offering the consumer an alternative to commercialized and industrialized food.
*Free Delivery to Victoria and Langford to set rendezvous spots at set times.


Island beef cowichan valley farms

Beef  – more info Here

Free Range, Island raised and Pasture Raised
Organic except for the grain at the end.  Order Form


free range chicken meat birds Duncan Cowichan Valley Farms

Free Range Chicken – more info Here  

Taking orders now for boxes of Fresh whole Chicken available early July $4.25/lb by the box  Order Form and more info here


Free range turkeys Cowichan Valley Farms

Free Range Turkeys – more info Here 

Fresh  Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Order Form


 free range eggs cowichan valley farms
Free Range Eggs

(limited availability until September)



Cowichan Valley Bees and Supplies

oney Bees and Bee-Keeping Supplies

Visit our other website for our ‘Honey Bees and Supplies’.  Prices and Products.


How to Order:

The Way We Work:

All Meat must be pre-Ordered using the order forms.

For Chicken and Turkey we will have a specific pick-up day when all customers will either come to the farm or meet us at one of the two rendezvous spots in Langford and Victoria.  FREE DELIVERY to Victoria and Langford to those two spots.  For chicken, the Langford/Victoria pick-up times are usually before noon on a weekday.  For Turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas the pick-up time at the rendezvous spots is generally early evening when most people are off of work.

‘Farm pick-up’ has flexible hours but we ask that all orders be picked up on the set pick-up day as it is not economical for us to run our walk-in-cooler for only a few boxes of chicken or for a few turkeys and we seldom have extra freezer space available.

The meat will be fresh and not frozen nor previously frozen.  The birds will be whole and individually bagged.  There are 5-7 in a box, depending on how many fit.

For Beef please use the order form and Jim will call you to discuss the delivery.  Cowichan customers come to the farm and we deliver for free to Victoria and Langford customers.  The beef will be frozen and the cuts will be individually wrapped and in boxes.

Join the email list to hear about the dates of when they are available, or email us.

Happy & Ethically Raised Animals = Healthy Food

Our Farm is Free Range, No Antibiotics, No Hormones & Pesticide Free