About Us

About Us

We are a family run farm located in Duncan, BC. We raise small flocks of free range turkeys, free range chickens (meat birds) and , pasture raised  beef  (organic except for the grain at the end) and a limited supply of free range eggs (farm store only).   We also sell honey bees in Spring and sometimes we sell honey.   We give all our animals lots of care and attention.

We love farming and we love animals and we love healthy food.  We believe that an animal that has been raised without stress and with as much of their natural outdoor environment as is possible, will make for healthier food.

Our animals are very juicy and tender.  No hormones are added to them or anything else that promotes unnatural growth.

They get lots of sunlight and always have the option of staying under cover or going outside if that is what they want.

They live on a farm with other animals, which has nothing to do with how good they taste, but I think it is important for animals to have variety in their lives.  Plus we really enjoy watching the way they socialize.

Turkeys are really friendly and curious.  They are so fun to have around.  If you want to move a large group of turkeys you don’t try to herd them from behind, you go in front of them and clang some really loud metal together and flap your arms around and they will all come running to see what is going on.  YES, we do look rather silly doing this but it makes us smile every time.

Jim an Patti Peach

Jim is also known as the ‘Turkey Whisperer’

Cowichan Valley Farms turkey whisperer