Free Range Beef

Free Range Beef

ALL about our BEEF

We deliver to Victoria.

Our Beef is  

  • pasture raised (free range),
  • Island raised,  and
  • Organic,  except for the last few weeks when we give it grain to marble up the meat. (You can request a cow that doesn’t get the grain if that is your heart’s desire.)

No antibiotics,
No growth hormones,

Our beef is as healthy as you can get it.

$5.75/lb, on the rail. (includes cut and wrap from all areas of the cow)

Cut and wrap yeild is approx. 76% of rail weight.

To learn more about how to buy a side of beef, this website has great links:

How to Buy a Side of Beef, Step by Step:

Our beef is LOCALLY Processed and packaged.

All our cows are processed at a Cowichan Valley, Provincial Class “A” facility.

They are also butchered into cuts at a highly reputable butcher shop in the Cowichan Valley.



Beef Order Form

Beef Order Form

Please use this form to place an order for beef. We will email you a personalized confirmation.

First and Last Name please
Your order will include an assortment of cuts from the whole cow.
We generally can deliver to your home, or meet at a rendezvous spot.
A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WILL BE SENT TO YOU. We will contact you with an estimated delivery date.

If the form does not work, please send your order to

pasture raised beef cowichan valley farms

Island Grown Food for Island Folks.
Committed to helping Vancouver Island
have its own sustainable food source.
Offering the consumer an
alternative to commercialized and industrialized food.

Free range beef Cowichan Valley Farms