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5735 Menzies Road. (we are a farm store)
Duncan, BC

Feel free to call or text Pat at 250-709-7339

The Cowichan Honey Store

Everyone Loves Honey.

You’ve heard of CRAFT BEER, now try CRAFT HONEY

Come visit our Cowichan Honey Store.
Gift Packs available.

Cowichan Honey Store

7  Flavours to choose from.

honey gift basket

honey gift basket

Gift Packs  

Our gift packs come in a burlap covered container with an Info card and they fit 3-6 jars.

Starting at $20.

You can choose the size and flavours or we will do it for you.  🙂

The most common gift pack is the flavour samplers.  5 of the $5 hexagon jars in 5 flavours.  This gift pack is $27

About our Honey

We offer an assortment of flavours from fellow beekeepers, as well as our own honey while supplies last. 

All the honey is 100% pure and of the highest quality.

Come and taste all our flavours and then make your choice.  yum.  (*no tasting during COVID but we have sample sizes)

4-6 jar sizes to choose from. (prices vary for different flavours.  Price range $5 – $25  for individual jars) 

REFILLS: Bring your own refillable container and get a discount.  $15/kg   Three Flavours are available for refills.  Clover, plus 2 others that vary.

Current Flavours: (3 are avail for refills)

  • Honeydew
  • Sunflower
  • Buckwheat
  • Farm Honey
  • Clover (refills available)
  • Blueberry 
  • Wildflower 

PHONE: 250-709-7339
email: pat@cowichan-valley-farms.com

Jim and Pat Peach
We are farmers, beekeepers, woodworkers and shopkeepers and loving every minute of  our life.

Honey Granulation

All pure honey will eventually crystallize/solidify due to the natural sugars in it.  Raw honey has the tendency to granulate faster than highly processed honey as the sugar molecules have more to attach to because of the pollens, propolis and other inherent ingredients still present.

Honey does not have a shelf life.  In fact, it has been found in the pyramids and though crystallized, it was still eatable; not bad for a food substance over 2500 years old.  Store it on your shelf with the lid tightly sealed between 64 and 75 degrees and it will last indefinitely.

If it does granulate, loosen the lid and place the jar in a sauce pan of tepid water until it liquefies.  Do not over heat it!  The water should be kept below 110 degrees.

The Honey Store is part of Cowichan Valley Farms’ business.